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For more than 30 years, Bennington Enterprises has provided clients with strategy guidance and tools that successfully put them on the path to the realization of their individual goals and their organization's collective vision!

Our services range from strategic planning facilitation and board development, to organizational and management development, fund raising counseling, PR, marketing and promotion for internal as well as external purposes, the development of "implement-able" tactical plans and the facilitation of strategic initiatives. 

We also provide measurement and evaluation guidance as well as a wide array of training and staff development facilitation services. 

Our Bennington Interiors Division is a full-service commercial and interior design unit that specializes in office and home design from simple staging and upgrades to complete original design and interior makeovers. 

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Bill Bennington, APR, ABC, CTM

President/CEO and

Co-Founder, the Institutes for Nonprofit Excellence 

Pamela Bennington, Allied ASID

Vice President


The Circle of Success

Our approach to client service is that of coach and teacher…thus creating a 360 degree planning and management process that we refer to as “The Circle of Success.”

In other words, in addition to assuring that our clients end up with viable and “implement-able” strategic, fundraising, organizational development or tactical plans and recommended actions, our goal is to leave our clients with the tools and knowledge that will enable them to manage the process internally in the future. 

Throughout the Bennington consulting process, we relate proposed strategies and actions to organizational realities and board/staff capacity to assure that what we are recommending is within the realm of reality and not only doable, but affordable, in keeping with mission and supportive of the vision. 

In addition to the facilitation, we provide the setup of all tools used and we enter the data at each step onto a CD. At the end of the process, we furnish each client with a CD containing the completed plans, analysis tools and other appropriate documents.

We begin the process using proprietary assessment tools out of which a limited number of major focus areas are identified. Long-term and annual goals are then developed for each key focus area and this leads us to strategy development, program and organizational development, and, after plan implementation,  measurement and evaluation – the final step in the circle at which the the 360 degree management approach restarts. 

Further, we provide our clients the following services at no additional charge.

  • The development of a set of measurement and monitoring tools for use by the  CEO and staff in monitoring progress. 
  • Instruction on the use of these tools for the staff and CEO. 
  • Immediately upon completion of the plan per our agreement, organizational development      counseling to ensure that the structure of the board and staff links logically to the plan. 
  • Advice and consultation by telephone for a period of one year with the Board Chair and the CEO as requested. 

Not only do we facilitate, we teach our clients how to manage going forward on their own, without need for outside consulting support. 

When all of these elements including focused organizational strategy, targeted programming, goal-driven management, appropriate organizational and board structure and evaluation come together, we have put into place "The Circle of Success." 


Why Us?


We are repeatedly told that we are unique among consulting firms because we actually do the grunt work associated with our assignments -- taking the burden off of client staff and leadership. We believe the best way to get to know an organization is to roll our sleeves up and go to work. Because we have a great depth of experience, the cost of doing business with Benningrton Enterprises is very competitive and often well below what others are quoting.

We not only add value to the end product, as we indicated above, we serve clients as coach and teacher.

We know how to get the most out of clients and work groups through extensive experience and because we make the consultation/facilitation process pleasurable.


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