Client Comments


Women of Excellence

Bill, I am so proud of you. You have been a blessing to Women of Excellence, therefore keep up the good work.   

Mildred Kee, Executive Director 


Healthy Community Institute

After attending the Healthy Institute in Charlotte last week, feel compelled to let you know what an incredible experience it was. Have run the largest Jewish non-profit in the State and have never been exposed to anyone as knowledgeable as yourself.   Your presentations merit 5++ stars and both you and Mr. Cummings shared more   valuable information and working tools than I've ever seen during my 20 plus   years in the non-profit arena. I have every intention of informing my Board   of your excellence with the hope that they approve your hire to help us set   goals for our incoming new Chair. Again, tremendous experience. 


100 Black Men

I am a board member of  the 100 Black Men of Greater Charlotte, Inc. and attended the two-day Healthy   Community Institute retreat in Concord, North Carolina. I would like to thank   you for delivering excellent presentations that were very engaging,   enlightening and inspiring. I admire your expertise. 



Recovery Communities of North Carolina

A huge shout out to Bill Bennington our retreat facilitator for his willingness to facilitate this important process for us, his expertise, knowledge base, humor and hard work.  Bill, we thank you for caring so deeply for the work of nonprofits such as RCNC.  You are amazing!!! I’ll be in touch soon.

Rita Anita Linger

Executive Director


Rachel Kohl Community Library

Bill, you encouraged us to take a step forward which was so desperately needed.  We appreciated your talent and low-keyed demeanor.  We now can take the next steps for success. Sincerely,

Jean MacKenzie

Board Member


The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Foundation

Your draft Strategic Plan, prepared with such professionalism and dedication, played a major role in our time of transition. I would love to find a way to work again with you; you're such a pleasure to work with and you're so professional and experienced. With my appreciation for your interest and very important help, warm regards,

Daniel A. Sharp, CEO

The Eisenhower Foundation


Many, many thanks for your remarkable work! Best, 

Dan Rose

Chairman, Rose Associates


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland and Salem Counties

I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough for your help moving our Strategic and Fund Development Plans forward. Thank you so much for always having solutions at the tip of your fingertips to share with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Great job this morning. Bill, thank you for wrapping up the final revisions and helping us push the envelope.

Donna Bennett


May, 2017


Dear Bill, this is what I would call a beautiful piece of work. I love how you captured so much input in this one document. Thank you. And my first reading shows me so many insights and suggestions that are relevant as we begin our work with you this Saturday. I can't thank you enough for this start that you've gotten us off to. 

Dear Bill, I love how you work. I find what you are sending us to be consistently clear, thorough, sensitive to our needs and prompt. Thank you so much for being an amazing Heart-to-Heart Resource. Gratefully, 

Stephen Michael Tumolo, 

Executive Director


December, 2016

Mercy Ships

Bill Bennington was a key contributor in this organization and we owe him much gratitude. Getting our Mission, Vision and Values clearly stated and planted deep in Mercy Ships bear witness of his insight and hours of input.

Don Stephens



Lunch Break

Bill, you are so incredibly thorough. So glad you are developing this and not me. Thank you, Gwen.

Gwendolyn Love 

Executive Director

Elizabeth Development Company

(After thanking a client for his recommendation) “No need to thank me. I only recommend the best.”

William O’Dea

Executive Director

XLH Network

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Community Institute training in 2002 helped the staff and Board of the Women’s Resource Center move to the next level in their organizational journey.  It was a game changer.  I remember it as the “boot camp” for serious planning and goal setting.   It was the most practical training I ever attended. I appreciate your dedication to helping nonprofits operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Thank you for your willingness to work with us.  

Becky Mock, President

XLH Network, Inc.



Bill, I just got a call from Dan Rose. He is over the moon thrilled at the work you have done. It is exactly what he was hoping for, but even better than he could have expected!! He said First Rate and Masterful Report many times. Rose will call the foundation ED now and let him know how pleased he is with the work and encourage him to retain INPEx to help them going forward. Thank you for exceeding the expectations of this important client!!!!!!!!

Mal Brett. Schwartz




Clean Air Carolina 

Bill, I believe you are THE most helpful person for non-profit issues Clean Air Carolina has ever encountered. The Complete SP Guide and info on capacity building grants will be very helpful. THANK YOU! Many thanks and Happy Holidays,

June Lambla 

Lambla artWORKS, LLC.


From a Client of 20 Years Upon Her Retirement

Bill, I have always held a special place in my heart for you and Pam. When it comes to awesome people, you certainly take the cake! Words cannot describe how much I learned from working with you for all of these years. I am honored to be associated with you; what a lucky person I am. I wish you all wonderful things in life, Bill; if anyone deserves it, it is you and Pam. You are just awesome; I think that says it all. 


From a CEO/Client Following an Analysis of His Performance and Style

Bill, I read your piece several times. Thank you taking the time to produce this; it’s extremely valuable to me. I would like to talk to you about formally serving as my executive coach, especially on board communication and reporting matters. I don’t always gauge when to let go of the right thing for the political thing; this has plagued me my entire work life.

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