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Through his Institute for Nonprofit Excellence work, Bill Bennington has developed more than 200 useful management tools designed to solve problems and create leverage within nonprofit organizations. 

Following is a list of the Board-related tools documents available for purchase individually, by subject area or as a complete set. 

Available tool sets other than the board set listed below include: Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Public Relations and Selling, Agency Administration, Succession Planning, Financial Management, Risk Management, Managing in Difficult Times Tool Kit, Donor Care Protocols and Volunteerism. For a complete listing and price guide, contact Bill Bennington at

Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards

Board Member Code of Ethics

Board Member Fundraising Commitment/Scorecard

Board Member Manual

Board Member Orientation Tips

Conflict of Interest Policy

Draft Board Member Agreement

Resource Board Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

Setting Up an Emeritus Board

Statistics on the Typical Nonprofit Board

Two-Tier Board Planning Sheet

Board Performance Analysis

Board Issues Analysis Form

Board Issues Analysis Tool Kit

Board Skills Profile

Board Recruiting and Nominating

Board Evolution Planner

Board Officer Prospect Ranking Tool

Board Succession Planning and Prospect Evaluation Matrix

Identifying 40 Board Prospects in Four Minutes Tool

Prospective Board Member Evaluation Matrix

Questions to Ask Every Prospective Board Member

Questions to Ask Every Prospective Board Member

Talking Points for Approaching New Board Prospects

Board Committee Management

Annual Committee Meeting Scheduling Calendar

Committee Meeting Tracking Report

Committee Performance Evaluation Tools

Committee Planning and Responsibilities

Committee Report Template

Draft Committee Charter

Board Meeting Performance Improvement

An Efficient Board Meeting Agenda

Annual Events and Board/ Committee Meeting Calendar

Board Behavioral Norms

Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes Templates

Board Meeting Attendance Report

Conducting an Effective Meeting

Meeting Planning/Conflict Resolution Chart

Sample Board Retreat Agenda

Strategies for Countering Disruptive Group Behavior

Tips for Making Your Meeting Agenda Work

Tips for Overcoming Common Board Problems

Tips for Running More Effective Meetings

Tips for Shortening Board Meetings

Two Day Retreat Outline

Board Chairs and Executive Directors Tips and Tools

50+ ways to Motivate Your Board

Board Chair and CEO Conflict Resolver

Board Chair Relationships with Chief Staff officer (Ex. Dir.) 

Board Chair Roles and Responsibilities

Board/Executive Director Conflict Resolution Tool

Chairman’s Leadership Test

Executive Director Candidate Analysis Form

Executive Director Job Description

Executive Director Leadership Test

Executive Director Performance Appraisal Form

Executive Director Review of Board Chair Performance

Personal Success Assessment

CEO Annual Perfformance Evaluation Tool

Make the annual performance review of your CEO or executive director a painless and useful process. This tool allows board members to rate the CEO on what is important to the future of the organization. Takes the guesswork out of the process. This tool is easy to use, and it can be easily modified to fit any organization or staffing level.

Our Price $19.95 Shipped via e-mail 

Board Evaluation Tool Kit

This set of six board analysis tools enables you to evaluate your board of directors from the perspective of talent and balance, individual board member performance, the ability of your board to impact key agency issues, the board's working process and evaluating and ranking new board prospects in terms of your organizational priorities.

Our Price $29.95 Shipped via e-mail 

Basic Board Development Tools

Get the complete set of basic board development tools on a CD. this set includes the Board Evaluation Toolkit above as well as responsibilities of individual board members, an efficient board meeting agenda, a tool for improving board meeting attendance, sample two board retreat agendas, a board skills profile, board committee responsibilities, quick organizational analysis tool, a 22-page set of recommendations on fixing board problems and more... 

Our Price $49.95 Price includes shipping via U.S. Mail 

Strategic Planning Tool Kit

Want to plan without hiring a consultant? Included in this CD is everything you need to complete a strategic plan including a sample plan for a non-profit organization, a blank planning master form, tools for doing analysis and projections, a tool for assessing the likelihood of goals being achieved, how to go from problem identification to consensus, annual and monthly compounding charts, a generic planning survey, alternatives analysis tools, a values development work sheet and much more...

Our Price $79.95 Price includes shipping via U.S. Mail

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